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Since my first CCR class with the Megalodon CCR in Thailand in 2007, I've had the opportunity to dive with many different units. eCCR technology has come a long way, making eCCR diving more efficient and safe.
Over the years since 2007, I've had the privilege of diving with multiple CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) units, including mCCR, PSCR, and eCCR. Each unit had its unique qualities, some providing a seamless experience, while others presented challenges and issues.

Choosing the best CCR unit was a difficult decision due to the various options available. However, for the past 7 years, I have primarily used the mCCR and PSCR WA units.
The evolution of eCCR technology has been remarkable, making electronic CCRs more efficient and safe than ever before.
With advancements in electronics, I'm excited to explore new possibilities and enjoy enhanced safety during my underwater adventures.

Continuing to embrace the progress in eCCR technology, I look forward to many more unforgettable diving experiences with the most cutting-edge equipment available.

Discover the world of advanced rebreather diving with eCCR Liberty training program. Choose between backmount and sidemount configurations, all conducted under TDI oPSAI training standards. Let's dive into an exceptional underwater experience together.


Redundant systems

Being able to remain on the loop is critical. Therefore, our goal was to create a unit that will ensure your safety and keep operating no matter what, so you can remain on the loop even in the event of multiple failures.

Protected Solenoids

The solenoid inlet contains a filter and the solenoid outlets are fitted with duck bills preventing any debris from getting inside the solenoids from either side.

Disable Solenoids and sensors

In case of a component failure, a backup component ensures the operation of the rebreather allowing you to stay on the loop. The diver can vote out individual components in the user menu ranging from Solenoids, Oxygen sensors to Pressure sensors. You have full control.

Predictive Algorithm

The unit fires the solenoid for a specific amount of time, based on your Setpoint, Current PPO2 , and your depth, providing accurate oxygen addition for smoother diving experience.

Vibration alarms

The handsets contain vibration alarm motors which inform you about any important message you need to know
Smart O2 sensor logic
The unit uses 2 O2 sensors for each control unit located in a sealed block. Smart algorithm. The unit compares one cell with the other 3 cells and then performs the same test on each remaining cell

Thank you for considering my eCCR Liberty training services!
To provide you with flexibility and ease, I offer a fixed daily rate for eCCR Liberty training. If you opt for a private class on the Liberty eCCR, my daily rate is 350 USD and if you together then 600 USD per day shared between divers .

With this personalized training, you'll receive focused instruction tailored to your needs and preferences, ensuring a rewarding and enriching diving experience.

Additionall expences: Sofnolime, gas fills, equipment rentals, trip costs, transportation, accommodation, park or boat fees, certification fee and materials.

Still not sure about course fees, equipment requirements or to book a course, feel free to contact me directly. Look forward to diving with you and helping you advance your skills.
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