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Cave • tech • CCR instructor
Pavel okishev
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Cave • Tech • CCR instructor

____Hi, i’am Pavel Okishev. I help professionals, tech divers, and those who want to become them, to discover cave, tech and rebreather diving.


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Pavel Okishev is a professional cave, tech, and CCR diving instructor

____i want to share my passion in underwater world and assist others in developing their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

With more then 15 years experience in teaching, organizing private and group trips around the world, I am ready to offer training tailored to your needs and ambitions from Open Water Diver to Trimix, Cave and CCR Expeditions. Whether you are a beginner or looking to explore new aspects of diving, I am here to help you achieve your goals.
↳ About me
↳ Certification

Cave / Trimix / CCR
2006 - Present
Liberty CCR
Tech 2 / Cave 2

I organize cave diving and training in Florida and Mexico, providing unforgettable experiences.

diving in Mexico, caves and cenotes
Cave diving in Mexico offers an extraordinary experience as you immerse yourself in vast karst cave systems with stunning stalactites, and stalagmites. The crystal-clear waters guarantee excellent visibility, creating an inviting atmosphere for an exhilarating underwater adventure. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cave diver, locations like Dos Ojos and Ox Bel Ha provide a diverse range of sites for exploration, making Mexico unique destination for cave diving.
↳ Dive sites
Cave diving in Florida
Get ready for a thrilling cave diving experience in one of the world’s best locations! Join cave diving class and explore the wonders of the underwater world like never before.
Florida’s high-flow caves pose a formidable challenge for new cave divers. Mastering cave diving in these conditions not only develops advanced skills but also provides a solid foundation for cave divers.

I teach diving from begginer to professional. Acquire skills that will help you safely dive in challenging conditions.

____I teach cave diving in challenging conditions in Florida to ensure you gain maximum experience at the beginning of your career.

My experience and dedication to cave diving ensure that you receive comprehensive and high-quality training, equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge for the safe and confident exploration of fascinating underwater cave systems. From mastering the basics in the classroom to developing your skills in challenging cave diving scenarios, I am here to support you at every stage of your progress in cave
↳ Training
↳ What will you get from the courses?
Online theory lectures with me.
Skills Development
Expanding personal and team skills
Training and Experience dives
Learn from instructor with 15+ years experience
International сertificate TDI / PSAI / ISE

Learn and travel.
ExTand your limits beyond recreational diving.

Why caves

____Not just a standard courses. At the core is individual training and practice. Florid, Mexico and online.

My passion for Cave and Rebreather diving made me travel allot and took different classes with famous instructor trainers. My cave diving experiences have taken me to breathtaking locations in Thailand, Russia, Italy, Spain, USA, and Mexico.
I’m excited to offer you high-quality training, equipment support and lead diving trips to different destinations. If you are interested in Cave, Rebreather or Trimix diving from someone with years experience, I’m the right choice. I’d be happy to share my experiences with you.
↳ Training
↳ Training directions
Recreational diving
This is where to start.
Technical diving
Planned decompression and mix gas diving.
Cave diving
Submerged cave systems
Rebreather diving
Diving with closed-circuit rebreather
↳ Basic course
Coast: 850$ cours
Open Water Diver or Recreational 1 is the starting point for all divers. The course normally takes 4 days, combining online lectures and practical dives. Upon completion, you'll receive a international diving certificate allowing safe and proficient diving up to 18 meters, with an opportunities for next level training.
Open Water Diver / REC 1
4 days
Max Depth: 18m / 60 ft
Tech Diving
For REC 2 / AOWD
Coast: 300$ per day
Technical and trimix diving classes are designed for experienced scuba divers seeking advanced training to explore deeper underwater environments, requiring specialized knowledge in gas management, dive planning, and equipment use beyond standard recreational diving limits.

For more specific details about each class and its requirements, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I'm here to assist you in choosing the perfect training program that suits your diving aspirations.
From 3 days to 5 days per class
Max Depth: up to 90 m / 300 ft

  • Intro to Tech
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Helitrox
  • Trimix
  • Advanced Trimix
Cave Diving
Intro TECH / BOE
Coast: From 350 $ per day
From 3 to 5 days per class
Max Depth: 30 m / 100 ft

  • Cavern Diver
  • Intro To Cave
  • Full Cave
  • Cave CCR
Whether you are just starting your cave diving journey with the basic cavern class or seeking advanced training with multiple stages, Trimix, DPV, on both Open and Closed Circuit, I have you covered.
My dedication to cave diving will ensure that you receive high-quality training, necessary skills and knowledge to explore the fascinating underwater cave systems safely.
From mastering the fundamentals in the cavern class to advancing your skills in complex cave diving scenarios, I am here to support you at every step of your cave diving progression.

For more specific details about each class and its requirements, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I'm here to assist you in choosing the perfect training program that suits your diving aspirations.
CCR Diving
For REC 2 / AOWD (Min 50 dives)
Coast: 350$ per day
From 3 to 5 days per class
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Continuing to embrace the progress in eCCR technology, I look forward to many more unforgettable diving experiences with the most cutting-edge equipment available.

Discover the world of advanced rebreather diving with eCCR Liberty training program. Choose between backmount and sidemount configurations, all conducted under PSAI or TDI training standards. Let's dive into an exceptional underwater experience together

For more specific details about each class and its requirements, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I'm here to assist you in choosing the perfect training program that suits your diving aspirations.
↳ Additionall expences
Gas fills
Equipment rentals
Trip costs
Park or boat fees
Certification fee and materials

Accessible Training and Continuous Feedback from Experienced Instructors

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about training, prices or dive gear
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Not sure about the course cost, equipment requirements, or how to book? Feel free to contact me directly.
+7 909 134-41-14
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USA: Gainesville, Florida
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